Monday, November 23, 2015

Building Timber Frame Structures - as Well As Guidelines

Owning your dream house is no doubt a big thing but to build your very own dream house yourself is indeed a big achievement which you can be proud of. Imagine after building your dream house you flaunting it off to your near and dear ones and your friends and colleagues. The sense of pride you will feel is inexplicable. All this is possible and you can achieve this with the help of Kit homes.

SIPS are very strong, energy efficient, building panels. They can be used for both residential and commercial buildings. They are typically used for outer walls, floors, and roofs. The panels are made in factory controlled conditions, by "sandwiching" rigid foam insulation between two sheets or "skins" of oriented strand board (OSB). The insulation is much like the Styrofoam cups that keep hot coffee hot and cold drinks cold. Channels are cut into the foam core for the electric systems to run through. Plumbing and heating systems are installed in the interior walls, which are built in the conventional method. These panels can save you a great deal of money by saving time and labor and in the long run by saving on energy bills.

The pieces of wood are stacked just as you would stack a pile of firewood, except that with each course you lay down two parallel lines of mortar along the outside edges of the stack. The mortar is roughly 4"wide. If you're using 24" long pieces of wood you end up with a space between the mortar, inside the wall space, of about 16". This should be filled with some sort of insulation. You can use fibreglass, rockwool, sawdust or just about anything else that will restrict air flow and heat loss. If you're going off grid and trying to be low impact get creative.

Yes, it's true; each and every source of information or log/timber frame manufacturer you spoke with gave you different and seemingly contradicting information. But that by no means they are wrong at all. One reason is that in many cases it is an 'opinion' vs. right or wrong. Let's it, log homes and timber frames are age old crafts. There is not a college course to take or a degree to get. Most professionals in this industry learned there trade from another and it may have been handed down from generation to generation. There are many ways to accomplish the same gorgeous log or timber frame structure without it being 'right or wrong'.

Lap fencing is made from overlapping timber. The timber pieces are laid over each other and then laid on a timber frame home. Once in position and in a straight order the timbers are nailed down to the frame to create a single fence panel.

The floor should if possible be concrete. Some people don't like standing on concrete, but the tools do. You could lay a plywood floor over the concrete, as long as the lathe is not on a suspended floor, which would make it less stable.

Wood veneers typically have a MDF core with a thin sheet (1/32" thick) of wood on the finished side. This product will be less expensive than solid wood, and can still look beautiful.

Hair dryer - the quickest and easiest way to tune a drum. Start in the centre of the drum and work your way towards the edges. Should only take a few minutes.

Decide whether you are going to install the blinds within the window opening or outside the opening. Inside looks neater but outside blocks light more effectively for light sleepers.

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